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We Network: A powerful network to bring about change: to edify, to educate and encourage improvements in the human condition.

We stand firm on the principle,"nothing about us, without us."

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Some people ascribe to the proverb "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." The status quo is like an old dog, and best believe society is making progress. 

Furthermore, neuroplasticity proves that people can transform entrenched patterns of thinking which make up opinions that drive behavior. 

So we can all do better.  Let's talk about it!

Better Days Mastermind Group's mission is to "vaccinate society" against racism. 

Our focus area is the problematic psycho-educational effects of "anti-black racism" on one's mind, soul, spirit, body, family, livelihood and business.

The group dynamic of the "mastermind" is designed to encourage members to view one another as both their brothers' and sisters' keepers, a concept which dovetails with the idiom that it takes a village to raise a child.

In other words, it is possible to realize a dream with many people working together toward success--an optimal outcome.

There is a time and place for being in one's own corner doing one's own thing, and there is a time to gather together to champion an important cause.

Better Days is dedicated to promoting racial harmony to make the world better for everyone.

Better Days Mastermind Group goals include promoting racial equality and creating better conditions for equity, diversity and inclusion to fulfill human rights protections based on educational campaigns.

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Because of dedicated donations from generous partners, we declare the mission of the TV Ministry is being fulfilled.  Each time you give to  Better Days TV, you will  receive a link by email to  watch  a different  Dyonne Lewis Show episode. 

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Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. 

Isaiah 43:19-21

King James Version

Better Days TV Amplifies A Lot of New Voices on the Dyonne Lewis Show, to Minister the Good News of Jesus Christ.  After devoting twenty years to the TV Ministry at Phil Lewis World Evangelism Network, Pastors Phil and Dyonne founded Better Days TV Network to give the world a new reason to choose faith-building programming every day of the year. The Lord says He "will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten..." Testify that the greater one lives in you, as Better Days TV Network ministers to the whole world, faith-based content designed to build humanity up on it's most holy faith.  Anyone who is fed up with the constant negative news cycle and the nonsensical line-up of mainstream media programming can appreciate the fact that we deserve better. World Evangelism Network's first lady, Rev. Dyonne Lewis, received a prophetic word, (in other words, a prediction) from the man of God, Franco Gallicchio, in 2017 when he was a guest on The Dyonne Lewis Show, where he shared that in 2020 she would give birth to a TV Network.

Thank you for Watching & Donating to on Demand 24/7.

Better Days TV is pleased to pick up Vision TV's The Dyonne Lewis Show as its flagship in-House program. The talk show is an international TV ministry which is advancing the gift of faith by knowledge transfer of culturally sensitive spiritual breakthroughs.  

There has never been a riper time than now to digitally champion evangelical outreach in the global harvest field.

The Christian storytelling model of testifying, as a witness, to the power of a miracle working God, is reasonable service for the true Believer, and a ministerial duty for self-identified Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as all men and women of God who are called to the office of a Minister of the Gospel, as a volunteer or a licensed and/or ordained member of the clergy.

Yes, we are our brothers' and our sisters' keepers, providing relief in all aspects of life: physically and emotionally to support the spiritual development and transformational growth of "Churched and Unchurched" soldiers journeying through this adventure called "life." By addressing the tough and adversarial issues, from relational toxicity to human rights violations, we are taking bold steps to lay a foundation for better days.

Goals include, utilizing broadcast media and digital arts for spiritual trauma care, as well as teaching, preaching and discussing the Word of God to build connection and community well-being in turbulent times. The Better Days TV Family delivers both (straight) faith talk, and lived-experience faith walk to strive for better, every day. Better Days TV Network's objective is to heal humanity because Love is Good Medicine, and Salvation through Jesus Christ is even Better.

Phil founded World Evangelism Network in 1999.  Pastor Phil is passionate about Evangelistic Outreach, and heads up Better Days TV Mastermind Group  Membership.

Phil Lewis


Membership Development

Dee is best known for VisionTV's The Dyonne Lewis Show.  As an executive producer she  develops content, scripts, directs and produces Better Days TV programming.

Dee Lewis


 TV & Video Production

ŻÖË is behind the Better Days original protest song and music video. In fact she is the inspiration for the name: Better Days TV.  




Ministers called by God spring forth like streams in a wasteland to spread the Gospel throughout the earth.

Better Days TV

Lay men and women faith leaders, as well as licensed clergy, are undergirded by Better Days TV production and worldwide distribution of life-changing content.


Better Days TV calls the Body of Christ to advance a culture of faith: if you wish to add your voice to minister healing and salvation request Your TV Ministry Membership Kit.

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