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A powerful network to bring about change


Founded by Phil and Dyonne Lewis in the year 2000, WE Network's mission remains the be a powerful network to bring about change: to edify, to educate and encourage improvements in the human condition for people of African descent and all people to enjoy equal human rights.


  • Personal development/coaching
  • Inspirational educational programming
  • Motivational content creation, consumption and appreciation

Activities focus on Arts and Culture and are Multimedia driven to promote mental health healing through Black and multicultural storytelling. The storytelling traditional learning model is utilized at WE Network because it is an emotionally compelling bridge to connection with beneficiaries-- to voice and articulate "mental-health challenging situations" which can be overcome by mastermind group coaching with participants who share a common ground of lived-experiences. 



  • ZOE.L Human Rights Concerts with a Cause (In Partnership with Public/Private Institutions & Community Stakeholders)

Deconstructing dehumanizing events can lead to empowering choices that celebrate the best of the human spirit to rise to the occasion to effect change and influence diversity, equity and inclusive social-justice initiatives to promote socio-economically better outcomes to advance equal human rights for everybody.

WE Network creates "winning narratives". 

Activities support mental health hygiene, protection and  advocacy in the face of adversity

to present hope for the individual by framing positive outcomes. 

Human interest stories explored from a  personal development angle which  demonstrate life lessons of mental resilience in action are promoted to inspire both mental well-being and healing while upholding advocacy for preservation of human rights protections.


Phil Lewis is  best known locally and internationally for his personal coaching practice as a Motivational Speaker.



WE Network: Better Days Canada

Dyonne Lewis is the co-founder of Better Days Canada and is best known for VisionTV: The Dyonne Lewis Show. 



WE Network: Better Days Canada

Invitation to Share Your Story

Hi Friend,

It is an honour to invite you to add your name and your voice to be part of Better Days Canada, advocacy activities promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and Human Rights.

WE Network's multimedia educational content development/production/distribution delivers healing-centered black and multicultural music/storytelling to unite community in charitable service.


Let's work together and be about creating a better world.


Phil and Dyonne Lewis


WE Network

Better Days Canada



We Network: A powerful network to bring about change: to edify, to educate and encourage improvements in the human condition.

We stand firm on the principle,"nothing about us, without us."

© WE Network: Better Days Canada Project

In response to the recent uptick in Covid-19 cases our Studio is closed to keep everyone safe. We are still fully operational in studio by appointment/booking 8:00 am to midnight 7 days per week, as well as by remote, mobile and virtual service over Zoom.