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Human Rights



Better Days Canada advances education on human rights discrimination issues with an exciting community engaged arts event which raises awareness about human rights incidents past and present through a Human Rights Concert.

The virtual concert series celebrates the oral tradition of the social justice movement built on a foundation of historical freedom songs [spirituals] and present-day protest songs that empower people in the face of opposition and oppression.

A Socratic [Q&A] Lesson Plan follows the concert which unpacks the importance of understanding and sharing knowledge concerning human rights and freedoms.

The imaginative multimedia presentation is rounded out by a beautiful message from the Ontario Human Rights Commissioner, Patricia DeGuire, who expertly touches on topics of equity, equality, diversity and inclusion.

This ZOE.L project is an hour of fun and engagement as the 17-year-old connects with her High School peers with thought-provoking content.  ZOE.L's initiative demonstrates a self-directed civic engagement for community service and youth leadership which promotes human rights code awareness, as well as self-care and personal-advocacy.


ZOE.L Human Rights Concerts 



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